Advanced Treatments

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The advanced facial therapies offered at Omorphia, are for those clients who would like to take their skin care treatmentsto the next level.

The following therapies have been researched, formulated and created by leaders in their field of aesthetics.


Allow Omorphia to take you on this journey…



Skin O2 Deluxe Micro Infusion
approx 45 mins

By gently buffing the skin surface, the natural cellular renewal process is accelerated (like a kick start). This helps to reveal a smoother, healthier and revitalised complexion. The combined action of the medi micro infusion, ionisation and oxygen therapy allows this to be one of the most advanced oxygen facial treatments available. Feel good and experience a total restoration facial.


Course of 3 treatments:  $300.00

Course of 5 treatments:  $575.00

Payable at time of booking (non refundable)


Skin O2 Derma Fill
approx 45 mins

Derma fill is a pain free, facial fill enhancement treatment, with no down time. It transmits doctor formulated cosmeceuticals into the dermis without needles.


The electronic pulse emitted, creates space between the cells and opens the cell membrane. Solutions can be penetrated into the skin directly and when this pulse is stopped the space created will be closed. This process is called Cosmetic Electroporation.

Now you can enjoy a quick facial fill enhancement, prior to that special event or even during your lunch hour. As this is a no needle, no toxin alternative, it is a perfect anti aging treatment or even as an extender to cosmetic injectables.


As seen on E! News USA – Loved by celebrities!

Course of 6 treatments

(one per week): $675.00

Payment plan available ( non refundable)


Indulge Me Please

The most advanced therapy for awakening a tired, devitalised or dehydrated skin. This relaxing advanced treatment with the aid of oxygen infusion therapy assists in helping to restore that youthful glow.


*Add a lactic peel for amazing results


The Oscar Goes To…
1hr 15 mins

This elite facial therapy consists of a light passing of micro infusion, ionisation therapy with pure oxygen. This procedure assists to infuse a Skin O2 treatment serum into the skin. This triple combination system packs a mighty anti-wrinkle punch!


Peels with Infusion
approx 45 mins

Skin peels help to restore the skin’s natural moisture level, reducing fine lines and uneven skin texture. They also assist in heightening the natural renewal process, helping to minimise pigment and oil production for an oilier or problematic skin.


Lactic Acid

Absorbic Acid

Salicylic Acid


Purchase a course of 4 peels to receive your 5th for free.

Payment plan available (non refundable)